Chris Jericho Not 100% For SummerSlam? Jim Ross Attending SummerSlam

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross confirmed that he will be attending SummerSlam with his wife and they will be sitting in the THQ/WWEGames luxury suite.

JR also noted that he’ll be at WWE RAW from Oklahoma City on October 1st, although it’s unknown whether he will be on TV that night.

– After attacks from Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio on last night’s WWE SmackDown, WWE has a new article up about Chris Jericho not being 100% for his SummerSlam match against Ziggler on Sunday. They wrote:

“What is Jericho’s physical status after sustaining such extensive damage? How will it come into play at SummerSlam? If Jericho is at less than 100 percent, which is likely, he might not be able to overcome one of WWE’s most talented and most merciless rising stars. Can Jericho dig deep and win a “big one” despite Ziggler’s claims that he cannot do so anymore? Sunday at SummerSlam, Y2J’s celebrated resilience will surely be put to the test.”

Speaking of Jericho, a fan asked him on Twitter why he had a welt on his neck on Friday’s SmackDown. Jericho said the mark is from when The Miz threw him under the bottom rope on Monday’s RAW.


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