Chris Jericho Marks 10 Years With World Wrestling Entertainment

This weekend marked 10 years since Chris Jericho jumped ship from WCW and made his debut for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Chris Jericho posted the following on his Twitter page yesterday:

“Today is the ten year anniversary of my debut appearance in the WWE. I wonder how many people that were on the roster then are still here?” and “Taker triple h hbk kane funaki regal show hardys edge Christian henry that’s all I got…”

For those who weren’t watching WWE back then, the buildup to Jericho’s WWE debut and the actual debut was nothing short of spectacular. During the summer of 1999, WWE aired a “Countdown to the Millennium” clock that would expire during the August 9th edition of Monday Night Raw. Fans would soon learn that the countdown wasn’t leading up to Y2K, but actually, Y2J.

After being held back in WCW and relegated to mid-card status, Jericho was finally able to realize his full potential in WWE.

** VIDEO of Chris Jericho’s WWF Debut – CLASSIC!

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