CHL: Zaksa survived in Maaseik

In the second match play-off phase of the Champions League ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle in Belgium survived a real torture. On the way to the best six Champions League stood Noliko Maaseik. After the quick victory in the first duel, few expected such hard resistance of the Belgians. Finally, ZAKSA won the match in a tie-break and advanced to the best six of Champions League.

The premiere set heralded big troubles of ZAKSA in this fight. Noliko presented a very solid volleyball and in the end showed a strong character. However, the next two sets were very one-sided. In the  easy way ZAKSA won the second set, but Noliko took revenge in the third set. The most incredible development had the fourth set, which determined the fate of both teams.  The situation of polish team looked very badly (20:15) and the Belgians were heading for victory in the revenge match, and thus bringing golden set.

However ZAKSA began chase, which was fantastic for them in the results. After fantastic finish the polish team turned out to be slightly better. In tie break both teams played point by point and details decided about the triumph or defeat.

Slightly better presented the Poles, who won the all battle.

Teams had not to play a golden set, because the first match won ZAKSA 3:0.

A very good game played middle-blocker of ZAKSA Jurij Gladyr, who was the best scorer of polish team. Also Michal Ruciak did very well in attack and reception.

In the Noliko Maaseik the most distinguish were Jelte Maan and Nathan Wounembaina.

Noliko Maaseik – ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle 2:3 (25:22, 18:25, 25:18, 31:33, 13:15)

Noliko: Lorsheijd, Caldwell, Maan, Egleskalns, Van de Voorde, Wounembaina Derkoningen (L) oraz Vakiers, Rosiers, Parkinson

ZAKSA: Zagumny, Witczak, Fonteles, Ruciak, Mozdzonek, Gladyr, Gacek (L) oraz Pilarz, Nogueira, Kapelus, Rouzier, Wisniewski  

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