Champions League: Skra still unbeaten. Fenerbahce humiliated

PGE Skra Belchatow have left no chances for the weakened Dinamo Moscow in the match on the top of the pool E. The team of Poland took an independent leadership in the qualifying group. The second game brought a surprising consequence. Fenerbahce Istanbul has been overwhelmed by Tomis Constanta and the Turks have an illusory opportunities to get an access to the play-offs.

PGE Skra Belchatow – Dinamo Moscow 3 – 1 (25-21, 25-16, 19-25, 25-18)

PGE Skra: Woicki 2, Winiarski 13, Klos 11, Atanasijevic 15, Wlazly 18, Kooistra 10, Zatorski (L) and Bakiewicz, Cupkovic, Vincic

Dinamo: Grankin 1, Markin 12, Shcherbininn 2, Kruglov 25, Shchadilov 9, Krivets 8, Stepanyan (L) and Veres, Afinogenov 4, Bezurkov 1  


PGE Skra Belchatow overcome Dinamo Moscow in the match of the week in the 3rd leg of the 2013 CEV Champions League in front of 12’000 black and yellow crowd at Atlas Arena. The vice-champion of Poland is very close to gain a advance to the playoffs.

The Russian team started with two good counter-attacks and a 2:0 lead, but the host team was the one that kept their nerves better under control in the opening set. Mariusz Wlazly turned out to be key-player of that part of the match – not only did he kill 4 out of 5 attacks, but he also showed great form receiving the serves of the opponents. Leonid Shchadilov was able to finish only 2 of his 6 attacks – PGE Skra managed to defend well especially when Dinamo tried to attack from the wings.  

Wytze Kooistra started the second set with good attacks and a perfect block for the hosts. When he added two aces, PGE Skra took a four-point lead (10:6) and the home side looked very confident. Two mistakes by Sergey Grankin enlarged the gap to 7 points at the second technical time-out and the set looked almost gone for Dinamo. Another powerful service by Wlazly moved the score up to 20:11 and left no doubts about the final outcome of the set where Skra stood out especially from the serving line registering a total of five aces.  

Dinamo Moscow is a classy side and lived up to its reputation in the third set. The Russian team took the lead at 16:13, but lost it immediately when Pavel Kruglov sent the ball wide and started to discuss the decision of the referee. The yellow card made it 16:16 while a clever shot by Michal Winiarski and Karol Klos’ block gave PGE Skra the lead at 18:16. It was the attack of Grigory Afinogenov that stopped the series of serves by Kooistra and a poor run of 5 consecutive points lost by Dinamo. From this moment the finish belonged to the Russians who scored the last eight points of the set and made the score 2:1, especially via their terrific block and improper receptions and spikes by Michal Winiarski.  

In the fourth and last set Mariusz Wlazly showed his class once more. After two aces he stamped the score was 10:4 for Skra and even the time-outs did not make him serve less powerful. Wlazly turned out to be the best scorer for the winning team in the end with 18 points (14 attacks, 3 aces, 1 block) however the complete team did very well. PGE Skra could be proud to have 5 players who finished the match in double digits. A total of 9 aces and 8 blocks – 4 by Karol Klos who replaced Daniel Plinski, who got sick before the match – are an additional confirmation of the great quality displayed by Skra.  Dinamo was better in block (11 vs. 8) but only Pavel Kruglov showed his value, scoring 25 points (23/39 attacks with 59% of efficiency).


Tomis Constanta 3 – 0 Fenerbahce Istanbul (25-18, 25-23, 25-20)

Tomis: Gonzalez 5, Borota 3, Bojovic 5, Ojansivu 19, Terzic 9, Spinu 4, Ivanov (L) and Stancu 4, Merkushev

Fenerbahce: Koy, Cernic 6, Kayhan 2, Miljkovic 14, Marshall 6, Bjelica 6, Kilic (L) and Dogan 1, Basaran 2, Toy


Fenerbahce Istanbul was crashed by Tomis Constanta in three straight sets and practically lost a real possibilities of promotion to the play-off round. Before the start of this Champions League season, Fenerbahce was expected to be one of favorites in pool E, but all predictions were verified extremely quickly. At first, Miljkovic and rest felt the failures’ taste with Skra Belchatow and Dinamo Moscow, but who would bet that Fenerbahce will lose in Romania? Nobody , except the Tomis’ fans. However, the result cannot astonish due to Fenerbahce’s play. Yesterday, there were moments that you could have seemed it is not playing the champion of Turkey but a secondary school team for a PE lesson.

Fenerbahce actually caught the better start going up 8:6 in the first set but Tomis fought back to set the pace at 12:10 and 16:11; Fenerbahce attempted a comeback, reducing the difference to only two points (18:16), but Tomis brought it home quite easily with the score of 25-18.
The hosts opened strong also in the second set (8:7 and 10:9) but Fenerbahce flipped the charts around (13:16) supported by Ivan Miljkovic, who scored 14 points all alone in this match. However, Fenerbahce could not find a way to stand the serve of Dan Borota and Tomis cruised to the front (19:16); after a tie at 21, helped by the loud home fans, Tomis wrapped it up at 25-23 for the 2:0.
Tomis dictated the pace of the game all the way through in set 3 (8:7, 12:9, 16:12 and 21:15) being paced by Olli-Pekka Ojansivu, MVP of the game in the end with 19 points. The final 25-20 and 3:0 sealed a magic and memorable night for the side from the Black Sea.

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