Cesaro And Sheamus End New Day’s Record Breaking Title Reign

The New Day broke Demolitions long-standing Tag Team Championship record on Monday Night and were forced to drop their titles to the team of Cesaro and Sheamus less than a week later at last night’s Roadblock event.
It was a foregone conclusion that New Day would be forced to drop the titles at some point, but many didn’t think that it would be so soon after breaking the record. 
Cesaro and Sheamus are the perfect team for New Day to have dropped the titles too because the hostility between the duo has been great viewing over the past few weeks for the WWE Universe. 

There were no other teams on Raw that were strong enough to take the titles away from the trio and now it could lead to an exciting feud with Gallows and Anderson. 
Many of the WWE Universe have questioned whether or not it was too soon for The New Day to drop the titles after breaking the record, but it seems that WWE had these plans in motion for a very long time and right now everything is going forward accordingly. 

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