Celebrities Revealed For Upcoming WWE SummerSlam Crossover

Source: PWInsider.com

Steve-O of MTV’s Jackass revealed today in his blog on MySpace.com that he and the entire “Jackass” crew will be involved in the main event of WWE SummerSlam this August at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He talked about filming a commercial for SummerSlam last night and his experience backstage at RAW in Tampa, Florida.

Steve-O wrote, “I really wasn’t that bad last night, well, that’s not true. I did a great job shooting my new WWE commercial to promote the WWE Pay Per View Summer Slam, but then everyone got all sorts of uptight as a result of me running around trying to get famous wrestlers to choke me unconcious (sic) for my Paparazzi Stuntman dvd (plenty of them were ready to do it, including Umaga, but the suits derailed me). I got a funny call from LA saying, “why are we getting calls that the main event of their WWE Summer Slam may be called off because of you’re behaving so badly?”(The whole cast of jackass, minus Weeman, will be in a huge match for the main event)”

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