Carra names absence which ‘had a massive effect’ on Liverpool

Jamie Carragher believes the suspension of Luis Suarez “had a massive effect” on Liverpool in the 2013/14 season.

Liverpool came second to Manchester City in their quest to win the Premier League title six years ago.

Suarez was named Player of the Year after scoring a remarkable 31 goals in 33 games, missing the first five matches of the season after a suspension handed down for biting Branislav Ivanovic in April of the previous campaign.

Carragher says the absence of Suarez “had a massive effect” on the side, who dropped five points in that opening sequence and missed out on the title by only two.

“When he came in the dressing room I think we were starting to get things said to us,” he told the Sky Sports Football Show of the initial Suarez biting incident.

“Luis actually denied it at first, hoping cameras didn’t pick it up.

“It had a massive effect on Liverpool the next season. He missed the first four or five games the following season, when he was the best player.

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“There were two games Liverpool dropped points in – a defeat to Southampton and a draw at Swansea – five points dropped in the first four or five games when Luis Suarez didn’t play, and the form he was in that season he would probably have turned those games.”

Carra says Spurs ‘waved white flag’ to cost Liverpool title

Further discussing the bite, Carragher added: “He’d actually done it before at Ajax before he came and there was a situation he was involved in and a situation afterwards that probably pushed Liverpool to move him on. Something happened at the world cup

“It’s obviously something that happens when he’s frustrated. You come out and defend your player and offer support.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player who wants to win so much and crosses the line numerous times. Even last season against Liverpool, maybe trying to get Andy Robertson sent off, antagonising his former club.

“In some ways I admire him as well. He was a win at all costs man.”


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