Carra: Arteta view on Luiz should ‘worry’ Arsenal fans

Jamie Carragher says that Mikel Arteta is ‘wrong’ about David Luiz and Arsenal fans should be worried if their coach rates the error-prone defender.
Luiz came off the bench in Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat at Manchester City for a disastrous 27 minutes in which he made the error which led to City’s first goal and then gave away a penalty for their second.

He entirely accepted blame for the defeat in a rambling interview on Sky Sports in which he suggested that both he and Mikel Arteta want him to stay at the club beyond June 30.

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Arteta was clear in his own interview that he still rates Luiz, saying: “David is someone who is very honest, straightforward, I’m sure he will talk to you guys and explain his feelings.

“But my opinion hasn’t changed from the moment I joined the team and it won’t change because of a difficult performance tonight.

“I don’t know what will happen with his contract.

“I know what happened today. There was a reason why I didn’t select him from the start. He had to play because Pablo got injured. He tried but it didn’t work out for the team.”

But Sky Sports pundit Carragher said that Arteta is ‘wrong’, saying: “The club obviously don’t want him to stay, and don’t want to give him a contract. I totally get that, why would you?

“By the sound of what he’s saying is, he wishes the decision he had made in the last two months is to say he’s not playing, because his contract is finished – there’s other players, Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth, who’s refused to play.

“He’s saying Mikel Arteta wants him to stay, he wants to stay, but it’s not right for him to stay at Arsenal, they need to move on from David Luiz.

“People keep talking about experience, but sometimes that can be one of the most over-rated qualities. It’s not about how experienced you are, it’s how good you are.

“For Arsenal they’ve got a young French lad coming in [William Saliba], they’ve bought Mari, they need to buy another one, they’ve got Sokratis, Mustafi, they’re not good enough. That’s the problem, you look at a David Luiz, you think I’ll get the best out of him, you won’t.

“The people at the top, if they’ve decided David Luiz is not getting another year, that’s right. If Mikel Arteta thinks he should, I think that’s wrong. I’d be really worried if I was an Arsenal fan and Arteta thought he could get another year out of Luiz.”

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