Breaking News: The Office Of Benoit's Personal Physician Raided By The DEA


According to FOX Channel 5 out of Atlanta, Georgia, the Drug Enforcement Agency raided the office of Chris Benoit’s personal physician Dr. Phil Astin last night. The raid comes in response to the prescription medication found in Benoit’s home following the double murder suicide tragedy that occurred over the weekend. DEA officers confiscated computers from the office.

Dr. Astin spoke to the media yesterday in regards to Benoit, telling reporters that he had seen Benoit on Friday (the day he allegedly murdered his wife). Astin said that Benoit showed no signs of rage or distress. He also confirmed that Benoit was being treated for a lack of testosterone, which is a side effect from steroid use. The steroids found in Benoit’s home were prescribed by Dr. Astin. Under WWE’s Wellness Policy guidelines, steroids are allowable if there is a legitimate medical reason for the superstar to be taking them.

Click here for FOX 5’s full report.

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