Bobby Lashley Looking To Join The UFC, Billy Kidman's Cousin Breaking Into MMA

— Former WWE wrestler-turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley said during a recent interview that he is waiting patiently to fight in the UFC or Strikeforce.

“When I go over there I want to be a top, top level guy,” Lashley said. “I want talks of me fighting the champ when I get over there. I want them to say this guy’s really good.”

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The former ECW Champion kept his undefeated streak intact with a first round TKO victory over Bob Sapp at the “Ultimate Chaos” pay-per-view over the weekend. As a result, his record improved to 4 and 0 with one TKO, two submissions and one decision.

— The cousin of Billy Kidman, Michael Altieri (formerly known as Mikey Batts), is breaking into mixed martial arts.

“I have decided to switch from the entertainment aspect of the sport and get into the legit fighting game,” Altieri said. “I don’t want someone dictating my future in regards to predetermined outcomes any longer.”

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Altieri, 25, who was an amateur wrestler in high school, broke into wrestling in 2003 after training under the former WCW Superstar. He was a staple on TNA Impact throughout 2004, but was not involved in any major angles. He signed a developmental contract with WWE in October 2005 and soon transferred to Deep South Wrestling. Shortly thereafter, he was moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Reportedly, there was an idea for him to debut under a “Harry Potter” gimmick in the Juniors division, but it never came to fruition. Altieri’s tenure with WWE would prove to be short-lived as he was released from his contract on June 14, 2006. He managed to make at least one on-screen appearance in WWE as he lost to Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms on the May 6, 2006 episode of Velocity.

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