Bernie vs. Bernie: 2020 Candidate Sits Down for Interview With… Himself

Comedian and political impersonation virtuoso James Adomian, creator of the UnderCulture podcast, released on Thursday an interview with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders interviewing… Bernie Sanders.

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“It was an honor to talk to myself.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Though ultimately not as adversarial as one might hope, the exchange still offered a first-ever view into what happens when a leading primary contender is confronted with his (almost) mirror image.

Presented in part by the Sanders campaign, the exchange between the two political heavyweights included discussion of the need for long socks—”You never know when the weather could turn!” declared one Bernie—and other “revolutionary plans” like national rent control to end the issue of leaking sinks.

“What I said to myself was, we don’t get a fair shot in the mainstream media,” says one,  “so I said what the heck—what the hay—I would interview myself.”


“True story,” said Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, “Bernie is funny.”

Adomian first cultivated and made popular his Bernie impersonation during the Senator’s 2016 run for president—including a series of staged debates with comedian Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump—and has since kept up the character on his popular podcast, occasional public appearances, and in mock debates.


On the full podcast, there is more of the interview:

Facing off against the real Bernie Sanders was something that Adomian fans had long been pining for. “Holy shit. It happened,” said one such apparent fan on social media.

Others compared it to the popular comedy series “Between Two Ferns” by Zach Galifianakis, though in this version it would have the painfully obvious name: “Between Two Berns.”

In a tweet, the real Sen. Bernie Sanders said: “It was an honor to talk to myself.”

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