Becky Lynch Says Finn Balor Is the Best Wrestler In The World

Becky Lynch was interviewed this week on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and was asked who she thinks is the best wrestler in the world. The Irish Diva was quick to name her fellow countryman, NXT Champion Finn Balor.

“Personally, I consider [Finn Balor] to be the best wrestler in the world. He is also one of my dearest friends as well, so it’s just awesome to have him around, just to have another person to bounce [ideas] off of. I’m so happy for him and being the NXT Champ and where he’s going to go is just to the moon and back.

Being able to be in such close proximity to see everything that he’s about to do and everything that he [has] already done because the Bullet Club was all his invention, and that’s so cool. So what he’s going to do here [in WWE] is going to be phenomenal.”

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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