Austin Aries Talks Food And Wrestling

WWE Star and author Austin Aries recently spoke with Sportingnews and Brian Fritz where he spoke on many topics, mostly about his new book Food Fight: My Plant Powered Journey from the Bingo Halls to the Big Time. Here are the highlights:

How to transition to an animal product-free diet:
“For most people, you’re going to be a lot more successful if you say I’m going to take one day a week and try to do a meatless Monday like a lot of people do. Or pick a meal a day, lunches, where I’m going to try and do without any animal products, and do it that way and build from there than try to go all-in without the knowledge or tools because you’re going to fail.”
His Wrestlemania experience: 

“Getting to be the first superstar to walk out there that night in front of an amped-up crowd was a really special moment. I definitely was fueled up with a couple of bananas. I had an extra banana or two before I went out there to make sure my potassium and energy levels were at their peak. It was really special.”
Trying to be a good influence on wrestling fans: 
“You got The New Day and they’re pushing sugary cereal on the kids and I’m trying to tell the kids to have a banana and be a good role model. I always make the kids say please and thank you for pictures and autographs. I especially make the parents say please. I’m just trying to spread some manners and spread some healthy eating. There’s nothing wrong with that. I know in today’s society that probably makes you a bad guy but whatever.”
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