Apollo Crews On Thinking His Main Roster Debut Was A Joke, His Style & More

WWE Superstar Apollo Crews was recently interviewed by The State Journal-Register to promote an appearance. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On thinking his main roster WWE debut was a joke at first:

“I didn’t find out (it was happening) until the Friday before that,” Crews revealed. “It was April Fools’ (Day). I thought it was a joke. But when it really hit me and I realized what was going on I just started breaking down crying tears of happiness. It was cool for me because I don’t remember the last time I shed a tear of any kind of emotion. So it was cool just to see my dreams come true. … It’s the most satisfying feeling ever.”

On his style:

“I took gymnastics as a young kid. Not too long, but I was able to …go to diving boards and big trampolines and do all kinds of crazy stuff on them with my brother. It kind of just stayed with me over the years. …I didn’t want to copy someone’s style; I kind of wanted to make my own. … I wanted to bring my athletic gymnastics background into it. I’ve always been an athlete my whole life (participating in soccer, track, amateur wrestling and football), so I just wanted to bring all of that into wrestling.”

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