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— According to Mike Aldren of The Sun, WWE has released Patrick Brink (ring name Kaleb O’Neal) from his developmental contract. O’Neal was signed out of Maryland Championship Wrestling last June.

In December, Brink got heat from management because he added some tattoos to his forearms. However, according to his signed agreement with WWE, you need permission to do so — which he did not get. As a result, he was fined $1,000 and suspended for one week. However, after the fine, he started struggling financially as he was only making $500 per week. Brink informed officials about his money woes and they hiked his weekly pay to $750.

More problems arose this past week as Brink was late to an appointment for physical therapy which the company was paying for. Word got back to the office and they told him his recent behavior was unacceptable. They then informed Brink he was being let go.

Brink is the seventh name to depart from the organization within the past two weeks, following Scotty Goldman, Manu, Freddie Prinze, Jr. (creative team writer), John Carle (creative team writer), Afa Anoa’i, Sr. (on company payroll), and The Boogeyman.

— A few weeks ago, WWE’s former developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling, lost their television deal on the CW affiliate in their home base of Louisville, Kentucky because they were unable to pay the $2,000 per week fee for the Saturday night time slot. Fortunately for them, the company regained their time slot and are back on the air — all thanks to the generosity of WWE star John Bradshaw Layfield.

Ohio Valley Wrestling has a new sponsor in Layfield Energy, JBL’s dietary supplement. For information on Layfield Energy, you can visit its website at

A few weeks ago, Layfield went to Ohio Valley Wrestling for an autograph signing. He was also supposed to wrestle, but WWE officials forgot to fax the necessary paperwork to the Kentucky Athletic Commission. Layfield ended up cutting a promo at the show. Following the event, Layfield took the OVW crew to a local bar and bought everyone drinks. They told him about the company losing its television deal, not to mention the financial problems they were going through since WWE cut official ties with them last February. In response, Layfield said he would do everything he could to help out the company.

As you can see, Layfield made good on his promise.

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