Andrea Anastasi: New system of WL is a very good idea

The head coach of Polish national team is looking forward to try this new formula of the World League. “I’m glad we are keeping 8 teams at the finals of this tournament” – he said.



As we already know, FIVB with a new president Ary Gra├ža have decided to revolutionize formula of the World League. Now we have 18 teams in three pools. Two of those groups are extremely difficult, but Andrea Anastasi seems to like this new idea.

“I’ve always said that when you are making pool division, you have to take  things like world ranking under consideration. Every team is fighting for points, so let’s make them useful!” – said Anastasi.

He also added that this whole new formula is very interesting – “I like the idea of promoting three out of six teams (from two groups) with participation in finals. I’m also happy we are keeping “the final eight” instead of “final six”.

Polish players are certainly happy about their schedule. They won’t have to travel so much during 2013 edition of World League. They are going to visit  only Bulgaria and France. The national teams of Argentina, Brazil and USA will come to Poland.

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