Alexa Bliss Not Happy About Tonight’s Six-Woman Tag Match on RAW

It was previously reported that WWE recently announced that the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match participants will square off in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match tonight on RAW as the team of Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James will be facing the team of RAW Women’s Champion Bliss, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville. 
In this video below which was taken backstage at last night’s WWE Live Event in Prescott, Arizona, Bliss expresses her displeasure with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle making her team with Rose and Deville. She said that “Tomorrow, he’s making me tag with Absolution; two girls that I’m competing against. First off, how is that fair? It’s not. And second, how do I know they’re not going to try to take me out to get a competitive gain?”
You can see the video below:


Is this how you treat a Goddess?? #RawWomensChampion #Raw #WWEChamber
— Alexa Bliss (@AlexaBliss_WWE) February 19, 2018

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