AEW Dynamite Results (11/6): Final Build to Full Gear, Hangman Page & Kenny Omega Team Up, More

November 6, 2019

We’re welcomed by JR, Tony Schiavone, & Excalibur to start the show and the crowd is already HOT!!  Looks like we’re starting the show HOT too, with PAC vs. Trent!


Pac is looking FURIOUS as he walks to the ring. Collar & Elbow tie up to start and Pac gets the leverage. Trent comes back and wrenches on the arm of Pac. Pac flips through and gets a headlock takeover on Trent and Trent backs away to get his bearings. In the meantime, Pac goes to the outside to get in the face of Orange Casside. He goes back in and gets taken to the mat by Trent.

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Trent puts Pac in the corner and delivers a couple of chops before Pac finally comes back with a knee to the midsection. Pac tries for a springboard on Trent, but Trent catches him and he delivers a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex on Pac! He goes for the cover, but Pac gets out.

Pac gets up and throws Trent to the outside and quickly follows. He proceeds to throw Trent into the barricade HARD, not once but twice. He then proceeds to pick up Trent and drop him face first onto the barricade. Pac goes back onto the inside and gains some speed before jumping right back out onto Trent, sending Trent crashing to the mat. Back in the ring, Pac climbs to the top and delivers a hard missile dropkick to Trent. Pac goes for the cover, but Trent kicks out at 1!

Pac locks in a headlock on Trent, but Trent fights up and hits Pac with a couple of chops once again. Pac fights back and Irish whips Trent into the turnbuckle hard and uses the whiplash to hit a German Suplex with a bridge cover, but gets only a two count.

Trent gets out of the ring and Orange Cassidy rolls in the ring, while Chuck Taylor distracts the referee. Cassidy hits Pac with his devastating leg kicks and he winds up for the superkick, but Pac surprises Cassidy with a BRUTAL pump kick, right to the face of Cassidy, knocking the glasses off his face. Pac turns around into a big clothesline from Trent and Pac rolls to the outside but this time it’s Trent that gets the dive over the ring onto Pac!

Back in the ring, Trent hits a running kick to the back of the head to Pac and goes for the cover, but Pac kicks out right before 3! The match goes back to the outside, and Pac surprises Trent with a brainbuster to the mat on the outside! OUCH. Pac brings Trent back to the inside and delivers the Black Arrow! He then proceeds to lock in the Brutalizer and Trent passes out and the referee has to call for the bell.

Winner: Pac

After the match, Pac gets on the match and he tells Hangman Page that at Full Gear, he is going to make an example out of him…again.

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