Absent WWE Stars Spotted in NY, MJF on Rosie O’Donnell Video

It would not be WrestleMania week if WWE didn’t have a couple of surprises up their sleeves. It was previously reported that John Cena’s latest film has wrapped and he is now in New York. This likely means that Cena will be making an appearance of some kind during WrestleMania 35, but it sounds like he is not the only absent WWE roster member who is in town for the WrestleMania festivities right now. At least two more big names have been spotted and could be making their returns to television at some point within the next week. Of course, this does not necesssaily mean that they will be competing on the WrestleMania card this weekend, but it does probably indicate that they will at least be featured on one or two of WWE’s upcoming shows in the New York/New Jersey area over the next few days.
According to a report from PWInsider posted earlier today, Kane and Bray Wyatt are both in town with the rest of the WWE roster in New York City right now. Kane has been working as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee over the past few months, but he has made a few appearances on WWE programming since taking on the job. Meanwhile, Wyatt has not appeared on WWE television at all for a number of months despite having no serious injuries requiring him to stay away from the ring. It is possible that they could be added to the Axxess events rather than television shows, but it is also very possible that these two stars could be competing on Raw, SmackDown, or WrestleMania 35 later in the week.
Fans of MLW and Being the Elite have probably seen the work of MJF. This individual is a rising star in the world of wrestling right now who will soon be able to show off what he is capable of in All Elite Wrestling, but the wrestler addressed a small incident which first broke a few days ago. After fans discovered a clip of MJF appearing on the Rosie O’Donnell Show back when he was younger, the wrestler was quick to tweet that the child was not himself. However, he has since released a statement confirming that he is indeed the child in the video after all. He says that he has since moved past O’Donnell and called her a “hack.” For those interested, the video and MJF’s response to the appearance can be seen below:

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— Maxwell Jacob Friedman (@The_MJF) April 2, 2019

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