AAW Seize The Day Results (9/8): Jake Crist & Jimmy Jacobs In A Bloody Street Fight In The Dark! (Photos/Videos)

Once again, ProWrestling.com had the pleasure of attending an AAW Pro show, this time in LaSalle, IL, just one week removed from 2 stellar shows and of course ALL IN. Once again they have proved in this show that the LaSalle shows aren’t ones you can miss, and this time proved to be an incredible experience thanks to Danny Daniels insisting the show go on after the power in the ENTIRE TOWN went out in the middle of one of the matches. More on that below, but it definitely made for a memorable night, and a special thanks to the wrestlers that DELIVERED with only the fan’s cellphone flashlights lighting the way.

What a night. We lost power for a few matches but the @AAWPro fans saved the day by shining their cell phones at the ring. We’ve ran a whole lot of shows throughout the years but this night will sure be remembered for a very long time. Thank you everyone. https://t.co/8b8jC4wtbM

— Danny Daniels (@aawdannydaniels) September 9, 2018

September 9th, 2018
Lasalle, IL
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Bit of a snoozer here, as we’ve seen before from Brubaker. Dante Leon had flashes of brilliance throughout the match, but otherwise it was a quick ending. Brubaker wins with a vertical suplex.

First match at @AAWPro Seize the day is Brubaker vs Dante Leon #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/CiZAd3yPYu

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

Winner in 5:42: Nick Brubaker

Jessicka Havok came out for an interview and announcer Tyler Volz asked her what’s next. The crowd is extremely hot for Havok, who says that Kimber Lee only won and took her championship by cheating. She says that if Kim wants to bring weapons, she’s game.

Curt Stallion & Jake Something come out to interrupt Havok. They get in the face of Havok and point out that Sami isn’t there, and neither is Dave Crist. For some reason Space Monkey comes out to help her. He jumps onto Stallion and Something and apparently this is a match.


Not a bad match, with Stallion and Something getting great heat from the crowd by taking out Havok. When the crowd booed Something, he hilariously yelled back “WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?!” Havok was great as usual, and the crowd loves her. Finish comes after Jake Something picks up a fallen Curt Stallion and lawn darts him at Space Monkey. Jake Something remains undefeated in AAW.

Winners in 8:05: Curt Stallion & Jake Something


Hakim does a really good job of being vocal and getting into it with the crowd. Makes for a good experience. Chuck Taylor was….there. Not his best effort, but he did pick up the victory with a double underhook DDT.

WInner in 8:25: Chuck Taylor

Now this is where the show really started to pick up. 


Jimmy Jacobs cut an on-screen promo saying how he’s a genius. He talks about Brody King becoming the new AAW Heavyweight champion. He says his genius will be manifested tonight in the form of violence.


Best match of the night thus far by far, and as regular matches go, the match of the night. Lots of sick chops, and as athletic as you’d expect. Reed continues to be an up and comer, while DJZ proves he should be inching toward the top of the card. This one made it into the crowd with several brutal dives. DJZ wins with a sick DDT off the top rope.

Winner in 10:28: DJZ

Never will get sick of this entrance #PersonalLitebrite #AAWSeize @IAmDJZ pic.twitter.com/2weZ48RhZY

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

@IAmDJZ victorious over @TheBadReed in an incredible match that had the crowd jumping out of their seats. #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/aoG0wchpBb

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018


Another incredible match by the returning Rascalz. There was a lot of dissension in the rank between the Besties, and the former tag team champions couldn’t be on the same page from the time they entered the ring. Vega is a phenomenal heel, constantly tagging himself in when Fitchett had the advantage each time. Fans constantly chanted “Fitchett’s better” Fast paced action throughout the match, which actually saw The Besties pick up the victory after Fitchett delivered an inverted shoulder breaker.

Winners in 11:45 – The Besties In The Wold

@DezmondXavier is back in @AAWPro #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/ki2PS5gvjC

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything so brutal up close. There was an early spot where Jake Crist went into a ladder busting him open and the match was off to the races after that. The crowd was heated, and went into the crowd, with every fan feeling the heat of the match next to them at some point. Midway through the match, the lights went out in the building, and every fan thought there was going to be some type of run in, but we quickly learned that the power grid went out in the entire town. The fans quickly made good use of their cell phones, and the flashlights came on. This turned this match from a good match into something that created a special ambiance, and a brutalized, bloody Jake Crist. I was standing close to Jimmy Jacobs when he told Crist that this might be the “best color he’s ever seen in his life”.

The match was only enhanced by Jimmy Jacobs busting out his spike, the use of about a dozen chairs, which saw Jimmy Jacobs get tombstoned on a chair. The match ended when Jacobs sent Crist crash landing onto the pile of chairs.

Winner in 16:43 : Jimmy Jacobs


@JimmyJacobsX is ready to take on @TheDaveCrist in a STREET FIGHT #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/K0JtbFaX2d

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

@JimmyJacobsX and @TheDaveCrist don’t need lights to wrestle at #AAWSeize. The fans will light the way! pic.twitter.com/UrhXOKbnok

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

.@TheJakeCrist is a BLOODY mess thanks to @JimmyJacobsX #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/iynxXLxyOC

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

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Cool down match.

WInners in 8:57 – The Hooligans


PACO comes out and Stephen Wolf and his new mean streak attacks PACO from behind. Wolf is disgruntled, yelling at fans, delivering great heel work. Could he have found his new calling as the Big Bad Wolf? Good match here, in the dark again, but no sooner than the match ending, the lights came back on, which led to a big pop from the crowd. Wolf wins with a tombstone.

WInner in 5:17: Stephen Wolf

.@StephenWolf309 is a baaaad man. #BigBadWolf #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/cy5JwonSp4

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

@AAWPro has the power!! #AAWSEIZE pic.twitter.com/21fmcWzfBZ

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018


Joey Ryan is back from the dead indeed, and he makes his grand entrance in LaSalle. The crowd loves it, and he even gave an audience member who’s birthday it was his special….blow pop. Pretty typical match for Joey Ryan, with his antics, but a HUGE SURPRISE when Buck Nasty picked up the victory.

WInner in 8:50: Buck Nasty

.@JoeyRyanOnline is in LASALLE! #AAWSEIZE pic.twitter.com/f1RlzMlft6

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

The birthday girl gets @JoeyRyanOnline’s blow pop pic.twitter.com/8bCy1FnIQd

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018

.@JoeyRyanOnline is ready to go full Monty against @bucky4everyone at #AAWSeize pic.twitter.com/knGFGbMj8y

— Doug Enriquez (@dougEwrestling) September 9, 2018


ACH looking incredibly bare since he lost the AAW Heavyweight Championship to Brody King last week. Most of this match took place on the outside before the bell even rang. ACH attacks Kingston from behind during his entrance, and the match goes through the crowd for about 5 minutes or so. The match finally makes it in the ring and the bell rings. After beating him down the majority of the pre-match, ACH hits a quick brain buster, but refuses to go for the cover to end the match. He goes to the outside and gets a chair and he looks like he’s going to swing. Eddie is on his knees and he dares him to do it. ACH takes a swing but the referee grabs the chair as this is in WRSTLING rules, and he prevents the DQ. The confusion allows Kingston to hit ACH with a low blow and go for a roll up to pick up the victory.

WInner in 3:18(official match time): Eddie Kingston

ACH on the mic. He tells Kingston that he’s David Starr’s bitch. He says he’s a shell of his former self. He says he’s lost his edge. Eddie gets on the mic and challenged ACH to a match in Austin, Texas so he can beat him in front of his whole family. ACH accepts to finish off the show.

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