AAW Seize the Day Results (10/7): Sami Callihan vs AR Fox, Mae Young Classic Stars In-Action & More

Credit: Mike Killam

AAW Seize the Day
Click Here: Liverpool soccer tracksuitOctober 7, 2017
LaSalle, IL

Report courtesy of PW reader Doug Enriquez

AAW made their return to LaSalle for the first time since AUgust, and brought with them a new AAW Champion, Rey Fenix. It was his first defense against his brother, the current AAW Heritage Champion Penta El Cero Miedo. Plus, a three-way tag team ladder match to determine the new number one contender for the AAW Tag Team Championships.

Pre-Show Match
Xander Killen def. Jackson

Killen definitely playing back and forth with crowd for some cheap heat, telling fans to suck it and calling them nerds. Quick match, under 3 minutes.

(1) Samantha Heights def Allie Kat 

Quick match to start the show here. 2 minutes, 49 seconds. Impressive corner kick by Heights that really popped the crowd. Debuting Allie Kat looks to have a gimmick where she thinks she’s an actual cat.

– Promo by Eddie Kingston about David Starr beating him in the I Quit match. Very depressing, talking about how he doesn’t know how much longer he could go on and whether or not he can still get in the ring.

(2) Curt Stallion def Chuck Taylor 

Good back and forth between Taylor and Stallion. Nick Brubaker and Jake Something cake out to distract Chuck Taylor, allowing Stallion to pick up the win in just under 10 minutes. They all attack Taylor after the match and pose together.

(3) Eddie Kingston def Mike Hartenbower 

Crowd very behind Kingston as he comes out noticeably hurting. In true Kingston fashion, they made their way into the crowd to deliver a beating. Little flurry by Hartenbower, but ultimately Kingston wins after a stiff spinning backhand.

– Promo by former AAW Champion, Sami Callihan. Talks about how he is beat up, but he plans on having a match of the year candidate tonight with AR Fox. Another money promo by Sami, which we’ve come to expect nothing less.

(4) Nick Brubaker & Jake Something def. Zero Gravity

Couple of quick hits from Zero Gravity but the surprise star of this match was Jake Something. Impressive size and good charisma. Impressive spots from Zero Gravity but Stallion comes out to distract them for Jake Something to pick up the win after a HUGE deep six. The three continue beating down Zero Gravity after the match before Chuck Taylor came out to make the save.

(5) AR Fox def Sami Callihan (w JT Davidson)

This is really where the show started to turn around. Very odd beginning with getting really most of the traditional LaSalle guys out of the way. Crowd VERY hot for these guys early on, especially for Sami. Match starts with both these guys teasing dives into the crowd, but the exchange ends with a RKO from Fox. They make their way outside and exchange suicide dives back and forth before Sami ducks and Fox crashes and burns. Sami introduces a chair and nails Fox in the head. He pulls out a barricade and sets up on the ring and barricade and drops Fox on it. Fox fights out of a suplex onto the barricade and instead sets Sami up on topof it, leading to his moonsault off of the ring post, onto a prone Callihan.

Amazing back and forth, hard hitting match. You had to see this match to believe it. Then came one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever seen live, where Sami POWERBOMBED Fox from the ring to the guard rail that was set up, bending the rail in half. The match ended after Fox rolled back in the ring after the spot and caught Sami with a surprise rollup. WHAT A MATCH.

After the match Sami shook Fox’s hand and raised his arm. Surprising to not only see no interference from JT Davidson, but also continuing his face turn of respecting his opponents. Crowd gave a standing O to both of these deserving gentlemen.

(6) Tag Team Ladder Match
Stephen Wolf & Trey Miguel def Connor Braxton & Kodi Rice, Paco & Ace Perry

Fast starting match with lots of chops and everyone outside the ring. Kody eventually brought up a ladder that was way too tall (went into the ceiling tiles) and set that up. Crazy spots with ladders and chairs. And man, the crowd HATES Connor Braxton. On the other side, they are really behind the hometown kid, Paco. The match ended with a combo double knees/powerbomb to Kodi through a table, which allowed Stephen Wolf to grab the contract. After the match, Braxton yelled at Kodi for costing them the match, which led to Kodi giving Braxton a Big Ending.

(7) AAW Tag Team Championship Match
Zachary Wentz & Desmond Xavier (c) def The Hooligans 

Some nice high flying spots from Wentz/Xavier. The LaSalle crowd really loves the Hooligans for some reason. Nice standing moonsault for the win.

(8) Women’s Championship Tournament – 1st Round Match
Rachael Ellering def Allyssin Kay

Crowd was behind Ellering, who defeated Kay with a TKO. Lots of brawling outside of the ring before Ellering picks up the quick victory

(9) Women’s Championship Tournament – 1st Round Match
Candice LaRe def Britt Baker 

Crowd behind both women, in a very good technical match. Great wrestling between the two, and the match was given time, which was a big difference from the other two women’s matches that really were quick brawls. Candice wins with a swinging neck breaker off the 2nd rope.

(10) Michael Elgin & Myron Reed def. Keith Lee & Shake Strickland 

Match starts with The Worm courtesy of Michael Elgin. Goes into a test of strengths between Elgin and Lee, going from shoulder blocks to back and forth suplexes. Tags into Reed and Strickland who trade off counters back and forth. Another really great match here, with Myron Reed taking a huge beating. Spots of the match came when Big Mike did a Death Valley driver to Keith Lee at the same time as Reed hit Strickland with a Canadian destroyer on the apron. Match ended with a combo powerbomb/double stomp from the top rope onto Myron Reed. Between this and the Callihan/Fox match, tie for matches of the night, in completely different ways.

(11) AAW Heavyweight Championship Match
AAW Champion Rey Fenix def Penta El 0M

I can’t say enough about this match and these two competitors. The crowd started with a huge “Lucha Brothers” chant but from there it was a split crowd down the center. Both men stood in front of each other, Fenix in all white, and Pentagon in all black, both with Penta’s traditional face paint. Definitely had a big match feel to it.

Pretty incredible match, with some pretty great spots the whole way through:

Package pile driver on the apron from Penta to Fenix Huge splash from Fenix to Penta into the crowd over the guardrail Canadian destroyer from Penta to Fenix The brothers started exchanging chair shots back and forth after Pentagon handed Fenix a chair and started going tit for tat in BRUTAL chair shots. Had to have been 4 straight chair shots to the head each before Pentagon just picked up Fenix into another package piledriver. As he went for the pin, Fenix reversed it into a rings of Saturn submission and Penta tapped out.

Slow starting show, but the last 3/4 of it was phenomenal. Great show, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next week at the two day Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament.

Último Dragon was also announced for next months LaSalle show on November 4th.

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