2018 HGTV Dream Home For Sale In Gig Harbor

GIG HARBOR, WA – With its current owners planning to relocate, the HGTV 2018 Dream Home in Gig Harbor’s Henderson Bay is back on the market for $1,899,000. The home was occupied for less than a year.

Chase Jones and Shawn Selby bought the home from HGTV last June after the Dream Home contest winner, Emily Muniz, chose to take the cash payout in April. But with Jones’ work in Texas now requiring him to move to Houston, the couple must also say goodbye.

Formerly of British Columbia, Jones and Selby said they moved to Gig Harbor for mountain biking and golf; but what they’ll actually miss most about their new home is apparently the sunsets.

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“There are so many great things that we love about our home, but hands down, the thing that we will be missing the most are the sunsets. I mean there aren’t many places where you can get to watch the eagles flying and the seals swimming in the ocean while the sunsets with mountains in the background,” the couple said in a statement. “It is really incredible, and every day since we took possession we find ourselves racing home to catch the sunset. And because there are so many windows in the house and it is so bright and airy, whether you are cooking in kitchen or in the living room or some other part of the house, you often just find yourself dumbstruck by the beauty.”

Michael Morrison of Morrison House Sotheby’s International Realty, which is listing the home, said Jones and Selby will sell the property furnished, as it was seen on the HGTV program, “to keep the experience of the dream home alive for the new owners.”

Nearly 3,600 square feet inside, the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 11628 70th Ave. NW is located northwest of Swede Hill outside Gig Harbor.

To get a real feel for all its features and amenities, check out this virtual tour from Morrison’s YouTube channel:

And click here to see the home’s listing at MyUniqueHome.com.

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Image used with permission – Morrison House Sotheby’s International Realty

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